With the increase in infectious diseases such as flu, vaccines have been one of the effective solutions to decrease mortality rates across the globe. The increasing trend can be seen in the global revenue of the vaccine market which has grown from 32.2 billion dollars in 2014 to 59.2 billion dollars in 2020 and is further expected to grow to 104.87 billion dollars by 2027 (See Figure 1). With the development in science and technology, vaccine production can be scaled very quickly. Currently, major producers are based out of North America and Asia. Vaccines are transported using both air and…

Abstract: Using NLP and Lift Value Analysis to extract insights from online review platforms to drive branding and marketing decisions.

Introduction to Text Mining

With more than 58% of the world’s population having daily access to the internet and low-cost data storage software, the increase in data generation, especially that of unstructured data, has been exponential. In business-settings, 80% of information is originated in an unstructured form, primarily as text. It is, therefore, crucial for companies to understand how to extract value and insights from such data sources and leverage these insights to drive business decisions. This is where Text Analytics comes into play.

Tarash Jain

Analytics Student @ McGill University

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